by Ellery Beck

An Ode to the Mini Fridge

Cold skin and metal pressed together, hard
plastic leaving us harder to please. Keep
constructing me, wrapping me in frayed sleep
and comforters; splinter and shard
when we touch. My heart rate rising as heat
until I’ve reached whatever suffocates the sky, exposed
wood demands closer. I don’t mind if you enclose
every fragment (I begged for), I’ll still be the semisweet

second choice. There’s beauty in becoming
my famine instead of owning it, there’s ache
in each caress, my skin pricked against
yours. Maybe it should feel like freezing
to hold me gently means to make
me sleep, even if lifeless, even if drenched.


Landscape with Disappearing History

You can be my rose bramble, toasted
and begging the neon

for a little bit of love,
eyedrops tracing down skin—a new, thirstier

way to swallow your loss, or maybe
just you. Let’s record a live album

and stitch the sound into a blanket. Let’s wrap
the silence in-between the songs around us, then run away

to Nevada, or further, wherever
the altitude can lick

our skin and the view can oil-paint
us closer. Distance isn’t as far

when they’re staring past, midnights grazing
sky mountain rocks. Let’s get sick

of it anyways, force down
cough syrup, staying

with your Pepto-pink cheeks,
our voices in bedsheets, drowning.


Overdraft Fee

You took my spare
change. The nickels vibrated
as I drove down backroads in the cup-
holder, the quarters rooted
in the bottom of my light-washed right
pocket. I even gave you the pennies
trapped between my pillow and baby
blue sheets. I know you said you didn’t
need it but I felt your fingers hold
it all and I knew. It wasn’t a lot, but it was a piece
of me, so please spend it

Ellery Beck is an undergraduate student majoring in creative writing at Salisbury University. She was one of the winners of the 2019 AWP Portland Review flash contest. Her poems are published or forthcoming in FuguePoet LoreSugar House Review, Slipstream, Potomac ReviewCrab Creek Review and elsewhereShe’s the Interview Editor for The Shore Poetry