by Taylor Fedorchak Sorry You Didn’t Get into Syracuse Flowers A collection began to form on our kitchen countertops: lavender spider mums. (Those things are resilient. Maybe they were supposed to teach me something.) Light pink daisies, a flower I couldn’t identify that was painted gold. The sorry you didn’t get into Syracuse flowers added … Continue reading TWO POEMS


fiction by Daniel Uncapher Construction Paper Three nights ago I dreamed about construction paper, and when I woke up I discovered a ream of it under my bed. I tore off the cellophane wrapping and fingered the rough, colorful pages. The smell was just like I remembered it from kindergarten. I called Terra into the … Continue reading TWO FLASHES


by Ellery Beck An Ode to the Mini Fridge Cold skin and metal pressed together, hard plastic leaving us harder to please. Keep constructing me, wrapping me in frayed sleep and comforters; splinter and shard when we touch. My heart rate rising as heat until I’ve reached whatever suffocates the sky, exposed wood demands closer. … Continue reading THREE POEMS


by Victoria Walls [from the archive: these poems first appeared in print in Big Muddy 18.2] we talked about the light the man in front of you has made your blackness sexy the way stars are brightest when they die the lot is empty but for your car idling & holding your two bodies moving … Continue reading TWO POEMS


Nonfiction by Matt Miller In July of 2019, my family and I traveled home to Nebraska for the first time since the state’s catastrophic floods four months earlier. Flood damage had left our usual route through Nebraska City impassable, and so we drove north along the Missouri River through southern Iowa, finally turning west into … Continue reading CROSSING FLATWATER