fiction by Daniel Uncapher Construction Paper Three nights ago I dreamed about construction paper, and when I woke up I discovered a ream of it under my bed. I tore off the cellophane wrapping and fingered the rough, colorful pages. The smell was just like I remembered it from kindergarten. I called Terra into the … Continue reading TWO FLASHES


Fiction by Brittny Meredith His bones abandoned her body, left impressions from where they’d lain, dented concaves of flesh slowly rising as she heard him breathe, heavy and deep, beside her. She felt all the muscles in her body hum, contract and pulsate; she felt as though she were vibrating—the motions of her skin created … Continue reading PRETTY FACE


Fiction by Jeffrey Condran [from the archive: this piece first appeared in print in Big Muddy 17.1. "1983" is included in Jeffrey Condran's new story collection, Claire, Wading Into the Danube By Night, which is now available from Southeast Missouri State University Press. You can buy a copy, here!] Directly after the school bus dropped … Continue reading 1983