Fiction by Jessica Fokken [from the archive: this piece first appeared in print in Big Muddy issue 17.1] Sometimes when Caroline awoke in the night she’d forgotten everything. She lay with her eyes closed and listened to the long, slow wail of a train in the dark. Often there was only silence. Sometimes crickets. A lone crow. … Continue reading MIDWAY


Fiction by Keith Eisner (Winner of the 2018 Mighty River Short Story Prize) Once we leave Hwy. 17, the service cuts out on each of our phones. Oaks and maples tower over the road, and vegetation crowds the ragged edges of the pavement. Dunsmore is the name of the road we're on—or Dunsmere or Dunstan. … Continue reading SHRINE


Fiction by Ryan Drendel I scream and you touch me. I scream, and you touch me. Touching me, I tell you everything that happened while you slept, and you look at me like we’ve made love. You touch me, and I whisper the world’s stories: its controversies, tragedies, cousins with newborn daughters, our high school … Continue reading TOUCH ID